N.V. Surinaamse Betonmortel Maatschappij, SUBEMA, has had its own laboratory since 2000 together with N.V. VABI. The laboratory falls under the Quality Control department, which is responsible for consistent and continuous quality control in accordance with the NEN-EN standards of the various products that SUBEMA produces, as well as the raw materials used for the production. In addition, the laboratory is the place where Research and Development is done on concrete, concrete mortar and concrete products.

The checks are carried out in accordance with strict procedures and under the latest standards. Checks on the various raw materials such as cement, aggregates (sand and gravel), concrete chemicals, and any other fillers are carried out in own management. Testing concrete mortar and the hardened concrete by means of test cubes are of course also standard tasks of the laboratory.

The professional knowledge and skills of both the laboratory staff and the management team, as well as the many years of experience in the concrete sector, form a solid basis for guaranteeing the quality of our products.

SUBEMA therefore guarantees reliability, service, customer focus, innovation and, above all, quality of the concrete mix and services provided.

The laboratory is therefore essential to be able to guarantee: “SUBEMA … If quality counts!”