Geschiedenis van SUBEMA

SUBEMA was founded on April 17, 1959 by a group of contractors together with C. Kersten Co. The aim of the society was to manufacture ready-made concrete for the contracting industry in Suriname. After a few shifts of various shares, in 2000, 80% of the shares ended up in the hands of N.V. VABI and shareholders. Since then, SUBEMA has been located on Trefbalstraat near the VABI complex.

Since 1 September 2010, SUBEMA has also been ISO 9001 certified, which means an extra guarantee for quality and service for you. Today, SUBEMA is therefore rock solid, which in combination with the daily quality checks of the laboratory.


N.V. Surinaamse Betonmortel Maatschappij, SUBEMA, is an industrial company that does everything it can to supply its customers with high-quality concrete mortar, produced in accordance with NEN-EN standards. For more than 55 years, SUBEMA has specialized in manufacturing concrete and mortar of the highest quality, whereby service, quality and customer focus are paramount.

Quality has always been paramount at SUBEMA, but with the commissioning of its own laboratory in 2000, the quality could actually be guaranteed according to the NEN-EN standards. Concrete from C8/10 to C53/65 is no problem at all, and specific requirements can also be met at the request of the customer. Since 2000, the various production facilities have been significantly improved and expanded, which means that SUBEMA is even better able to serve you.

Mission, Vision and goals

Mission: “Het vervaardigen en leveren van beton-en mortelspecie in de meest uitgebreide zin”

Vision: “N.V. SUBEMA is de toonaagevende beton-en morterlspecie onderneming in Suriname”

Our core values ​​or our Core beliefs indicate what we believe in and what we stand for or strive for. These are the house rules that are used and that apply within the company. Our core values ​​are as followed

  • Reliability
  • Quality
  • Service
  • Customer Focus
  • Innovation

“SUBEMA…als kwaliteit telt!”