With the order form below you can already provide us with information about your project and get an indication of the costs for supplying the concrete. The prices shown are current prices, but subject to exchange rate fluctuations when paid in Surinamese dollars (SRD). The order receipt is just a form to store your project information for smooth handling. With this information we will contact you within 2 working days for the further elaboration of details and the preparation of an official quotation including any project discount

     It is better to order too much rather than too little. Sometimes the dimensions of the formwork in the field are just a little larger, or a little deeper is dug for your foundation. So always order a little more than you calculated in connection with measurement correction and the remainder that remains in the concrete pump. This way you can prevent a small, expensive backorder from having to be done.


    • All concrete mortar prices are for deliveries within large Paramaribo. Transport costs for concrete beyond 20 km from Paramaribo costs US $ 2.50 per additional km.
    • Pump costs amount to US $ 20.00 per m³ with a minimum of US $ 200.00 per dump. For dumps of 75 m³ or more in one day, the concrete pump price is US $ 15.00 per m³.
    • Prices are based on current purchase prices of raw materials and fuel prices. Price changes reserved.